Course Description

  • This is an intermediate course that teaches the basics of computer organization, mainly from the pogrammer's perspective. The high-level goal of this course is to make you a more versatile and dextrous programmer. We will do that by teaching you how the computer works, which will help you understand how your program is executed. The course will be roughly organized as five weeks of assembly programming, five weeks of C programming, and a five week team project.
  • The schedule on this page lists the topics we will cover by date.

Slop Days

  • Each student will be granted five slop days at the beginning of the semester. A slop day allows you to turn in work up to 24 hours past the deadline. You can't use more than two slop days on a single assignment (which would allow you to turn in up to 48 hours past the deadline). Work that is submitted more than 48 hours late or without the use of slop days will not be accepted.
  • In order to use a slop day, you must do two things: (1) alert Neil and Jack via email or slack that you will be turning your homework in late before the homework deadline and (2) alert Neil and Jack via email or Slack when the homework has been submitted. If you don't do both, your homework will not be graded and you will get a zero for the late assignment.


  • Treat this course like a job where you are trying to get promoted. If you show up and do your work, you will get a good grade.
  • The lowest quiz AND homework score will be dropped before computing the final grade.
  • No partial credit for code that does not compile.
    • Homework: 55 %
    • Participation: 10 %
    • Checkins & Quizzes: 35 %
    Percentage Letter Grade
    91+ A
    89-90 A-
    87-88 B+
    77-86 B
    75-76 B-
    73-74 C+
    62-72 C
    60-61 C-
    50-59 D
    Below 50 F

Scheduling Conflicts

  • If you have a (legitimate) scheduling conflict with a quiz or exam, it is possible to schedule a makeup session. You must let me know at least two weeks prior to the quiz/exam date. Legitimate scheduling conflicts include religious observances.
  • LUC's academic calendar can be found here.

Mandatory Reporter Statment

  • Each faculty and staff member at Loyola University Chicago is required to report any incidents of gender-based misconduct that they are made aware of, even if it happened in the past. Gender-based misconduct includes discrimination based on actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, or pregnancy or parenting status; dating and domestic violence; sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation); and stalking.


  • Students are expected to write their own code for homework assignments. No copying or code sharing is allowed. Copying code from the Internet is also not allowed.

Office Hours

  • Doyle 309
  • Monday: 2:00 — 3:00PM
  • Lab — Doyle Basement
  • Wednesday 4:00 — 6:00 PM

Course Schedule


Date Topic Details
Mon 08/29 Intro, Class Structure, Policies, etc. / Hex & Binary Homework 1 Assigned
Intro Slides
Binary Slides
Activity: Hex
Wed 08/31 Hex & Binary Video: Hex & Binary
Video: 2's Complement
Fri 09/02 Hex/Combinatorial Logic In-Class Activity: Java Hex Activity
Mon 09/05 Combinatorial Logic Homework 1 Due
Homework 2 Assigned
Quiz: Hex & Binary
Video: Circuitverse Tutorial | Circuitverse
Wed 09/07 Sequential Logic Video: Flip Flop Theory
In-Class Activity: Building an Adder
Fri 09/09 Sequential Logic Video: Circuitverse Flip Flops
In-Class Activity: Four Bit Adder
Mon 09/12 Logic Lab Homework 3 Assigned | Circuitverse Group Link
Video: Load Immediate to Accumulator
Video: Load/Store to Memory
Wed 09/14 Logic Lab
Fri 09/16 git/Rev Control Env setup: apt, cd, ls, vim, make
Linux filesystem
Quiz: Combinatorial Logic
Homework 4 Assigned: Write a C program to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit
GitHub Username Survey
Video: Compiling C Programs
GitHub Personal Access Token Guide
Mon 09/19 Intro to C Video: Compiling Programs in Linux
Video: Debugging with gdb
Further Reading:
  • C Book Chapter 1.1
Wed 09/21 Datatypes in C Homework 2 Due
Homework 3 Due
Homework 5 Assigned
Further Reading:
  • C Book Chapter 1.2
Fri 09/23 Loops in C Homework 4 Due
Further Reading:
  • C Book Chapter 1.3
Mon 09/26 Strings in C Further Reading:
  • C Book Chapter 1.5
Wed 09/28 Strings in C Further Reading:
  • C Book Chapter 1.6
Fri 09/30 Strings in C gdb Primer
Mon 10/03 File I/O in C Quiz
Homework 5 Due
Homework 6 Assigned
Stack Activity
Stack Slides
Wed 10/05 File I/O in C Homework 6 Assigned
Fri 10/07 The Stack & Local Variables Video: Arrays in 68k
Mon 10/10 The Stack & Local Variables Homework 6 Due
Homework 7 Assigned
Wed 10/12 The Stack & Local Variables
Fri 10/14 Spring Break — No Class
Mon 10/17 Spring Break — No Class
Wed 10/19 Spring Break — No Class
Fri 10/21 Machine Code
Mon 10/24 More Stack Mid-Semester Survey
Wed 10/26 More Stack Homework 7 Checkin
Stack Activity
Fri 10/28 More Stack FSM Notes
Mon 10/31 More Stack Quiz: Local Variables and the Stack
Wed 11/02 Interrupts commentstripper.X68
Fri 11/04 Linked Lists in ASM Homework 7 Due
Mon 11/07 Intro to C
Wed 11/09 Datatypes in C
Fri 11/11 Loops in C Homework 8 Assigned
Mon 11/14 Makefiles, objdump, Linker
Wed 11/16 Linker Scripts
Fri 11/18 Linked Lists in C Homework 8 Due
In-Class Activity: Comment Stripping | base.c
Comment Stripping GitHub Repo
Mon 11/21 Neil Sick/Class Cancelled
Wed 11/23 Good Friday: No Class
Fri 11/25 Good...Monday?: No Class
Mon 11/28 Command Line Parameters in Asm Homework 9 Assigned
Activity: Linked Lists
Wed 11/30 Linked Lists in C Activity: More linked list fun!!
Fri 12/02 Linked Lists in C
Mon 12/05 Linked Lists in C
Wed 12/07 More Liked Lists in C Homework 9 Due